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  • College Signing Day !!! May 1st

    Seniors, bring your acceptance letters and celebrate with Ms. K in the cafeteria during lunch periods! #GreenGotIn2017  #ReachHigher  #QVSigningDay  #BetterMakeRoom

    College and Career Center


    "We are looking to bring someone on to our team that is aggressively friendly, energetic and willing to learn!  Do you want to grow in the hospitality industry? Come visit us!  The perfect team member will join the Engineering department and be able to work with plumbing, electrical, problem solving, preventative maintenance, and possess guest resolution skills."


    Work Based Learning
  • College Now Summer 2017

    Summer 2017 College Now courses at LaGuardia Community College will be offered from July 5 to August 3. Courses offered: Thinking Critically about Education; Social and Political Philosophy; Introductory Nutrition. All courses include free tuition, a MetroCard, lunch, textbooks, and course materials. See Ms. Carpino in room 411 today!

    Queens Vocational and Technical H.S.
  • Receive College Office Updates and Reminders by Text and the Remind App

    Class of 2018: Remind App code: a49dca  -or- TEXT @a49dca to 81010

    Class of 2019: Remind App code: 6c6f3a  -or- TEXT @6c6f3a to 81010

    College and Career Center
  • Senior Class Newsletter

    The senior class newsletter is here!

    Senior Class
  • Career Day 2017

    We welcome alumni, parents, and members of the community to speak at our annual Career Day, held Friday, May 5, 2017:

    Queens Vocational and Technical H.S.
  • Course Request 2017-2018

    Request Advanced Placement, College Now, and Honors courses for the 2017-2018 school year:

    Queens Vocational and Technical H.S.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go if something is bothering me?
Report it to your guidance counselor (room 151), a dean, an administrator, or your teacher.

Where do I order an ID card?
Speak to Ms. White at the main entrance scan station in the mornings, or visit the Transportation Office in the cafeteria during your lunch period.

How much is a replacement ID card?
All replacement ID cards cost two dollars.

How do I get a replacement Metro Card?
See Ms. White in the Transportation Office during lunch.

I can't sign in to my PupilPath account. Who can help?
Ask your teacher, see your guidance counselor, or go to room 101.

I can't sign in to my school Gmail account. Who can help?
Ask your teacher, or go to room 101.

Where can I get copy of my schedule?
Go to your guidance counselor or the Program Office (room 101).

I lost my report card. How can I get a new one?
Go to your guidance counselor.

Where do I get my attendance taken if I arrive late?
Go the attendance desk in room 104.

I missed official class. How can I get the items that were distributed?
Go to the attendance desk during your lunch period.

How can I change my address or phone number?
See Ms. Baez in room 102 with a utility bill (electric/gas only) or a lease showing your new address or number.

Can I bring my cell phone to school? Can I use it?
Starting February 3, 2015, students are allowed to bring phones to school, but phones can only be used in limited circumstances. Read and follow the electronic device and cell phone policy to avoid having it confiscated:  Electronic Device and Cell Phone Policy

Can I get the school WiFi password?
Only New York City Department of Education devices may connect to the school WiFi. If you attempt to connect your personal device to the school WiFi, your device may be permanently blocked. Learn more about the Department of Education Internet Acceptable Use Policy here.

How do I join a club or team?
Refer to the Student Activities page, and speak to the advisor in person. Additionally, our Coordinator of Student Activities Mr. Vega can answer questions about clubs, and our Athletic Director Mr. Maloney can answer questions about PSAL sports.

How can I get a transcript?
Current students: see your guidance counselor.
Alumni: click here for instructions.

Where I can sign up to re-take my Regents exam(s)?
Go to your guidance counselor or the Program Office at least one month before the Regents exam period.

When are Regents exam invitations distributed?
Exam invitations are given out in an official class two school days before Regents exams begin.

When do ninth grade students select their CTE major?
Some students apply to a particular major at QV and begin their CTE sequence at the start of ninth grade. Other students complete an exploratory shop rotation in ninth grade and select their major at CTE Night, held in the spring term.

How can I make-up a class that I failed?
Speak with your guidance counselor. Classes are offered during the regular day, extended day, and in the summer.

Where do I get working papers?
You’ll need to bring all of these items to room 153: the Application for Employment Certificate (copies in rooms 153 and 104); AND your original birth certificate, passport, alien card, citizenship papers, driver’s license, or non-driver’s license; AND your original social security card; AND a signed doctor’s note stating that you are “fit to work.”

Where is the health services office (counseling, contraceptives)?
Go to room 214. You can also find free contraceptives in the gym or an administrator’s office.

What is the school dress code?
Students must dress appropriately for school, including any specific uniform required by the CTE class. Your parent/guardian will be called and you will be asked to change if you violate this code.

Is there a discipline code?
Yes, the citywide Department of Education Discipline Code is available online.

What are the school colors and mascot?
White and green (The hex colors are #FFFFFF and #056839 for the graphic artists out there). Our mascot is a tiger who lives in the Student Organization office, room 143.

Is there a school song?
Yes, it's the school Alma Mater:
"Here in old Long Island City, glorious to view
Stands the Queens Vocational High School, with its students true.
Lift the chorus, speed it onward, in these happy scenes.
Hail to you, our Alma Mater, hail, all hail to Queens.
Far above the busy humming, of the city’s roar,
Gaze upon Manhattan’s towers from Long Island’s shores,
Lift the chorus, speed it onward, in these happy scenes. 
Hail to you, our Alma Mater, hail, all hail to Queens."

Where is the lost and found?
Go to the dean’s office in the basement.

How often is the school doctor in the building?
Go to room 214 for the school doctor's most current schedule.

Where can I use a computer for a class assignment?
There are computers available in the school library and in room 143. Very limited printing is available.

Where should I bring my doctor’s note?
The nurse’s office, room 214.

How many marking periods are there?
We have two semesters (fall and spring). Each semester has three marking periods. These are averaged by your teacher to arrive at a final grade in the class. Check the school calendar for marking period start and end dates.

How and when are report cards given out?
First marking period report cards are distributed at parent-teacher conferences. Second marking period and final report cards are distributed to students in official class. Report cards are distributed two weeks after the end of the marking period.

How can I get a locker?
Students can only sign up to for a school locker in the Student Organization office, room 143. Only school-issued locks are allowed - unauthorized locks will be clipped.