Work Based Learning Program

Ms. Gross and Ms. Zagada, Coordinators

NYC Department of Design & Construction Summer Internship 2018

The High School Summer Internship Program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in architecture, engineering, building trades, public administration, business administration or information technology. The program is structured to enable students to gain exposure to the many careers in the built environment and to learn about what it takes to build NYC. It is a unique opportunity to prepare students for the growing demands of the job market.

Assignments may include AutoCAD (computer aided design) drafting for students interested in architecture or engineering, internet research, word processing, spreadsheet creation, and other clerical work. Students work for six weeks, (five days a week) in a program that combines hands-on work and educational programming.

The 6-week Internship begins Thursday July 5th, 2018 and ends Friday August 10th, 2018. *YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COMMIT TO THE FULL 6-WEEKS OF THE INTERNSHIP!


*Details and information are provided on the flyer attached.


NY Explorers Program

*UPDATED 11/27/2017

We have an exciting week ahead of us with a few new programs beginning:

  1. Penguin Random House  (Publishing and Writing) Tuesday, November 28th and December 5th @4:30-6:00PM.
    1. This is an exciting opportunity for students with a passion for reading and writing. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about all of the many different exciting career opportunities the publishing industry has to offer.
  2.  Syska Hennessy (Engineering and Building Systems) Thursday, November 30thDecember 7th and 14th  @4:30-6:00PM. 
    1. A fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in the building trades, Syska Hennessy is an industry leader that will provide students with excellent insights into career opportunities in the field of engineering.


We also highly encourage you to take advantage of the following programs:

  1.  Maimonides (Healthcare) Tuesday, December 5th, 12th, and 19th @4:30-6:00PM
  2. New York Prebysterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (Healthcare) Wednesday, December 13th @4:30-6:00PM
  3. Macquarie (Finance/Investment Banking) Wednesday, December 6th, 13th, and 20th @4:30-6:00PM
  4. Mount Sinai Queens (Healthcare) Thursday, December 14th @4:30PM (Open House with more sessions to follow)


As we mentioned last week, many of our programs are filling up. If a program reaches its maximum number of participants, we remove it as an option on our registration link. Thus, please encourage your students to register for programs they are interested in ASAP as participation is granted on a first come first serve basis.


Here’s a quick list for your convenience of all NY Exploring Programs for Fall 2017:

  1. Tuesday, November 28thDecember 5thDecember 19th @4:30-6:00PM - King County District Attorney’s Office (Law & Government)
  2. Tuesday, November 28th @4:30-6:00PM - American Management Association (Job Readiness)
  3. Tuesday, November 28th, and December 5th @4:30-6:00PM - Penguin Random House (Publishing/Writing)
  4. Tuesday, November 28th @4:30-6:00PM - Gerstein Fisher (Finance/Investment Management)
  5. Tuesday, November 28thDecember 5th, 12th, and 19th @4:30-6:00PM - Steward Partners (Business, Finance, and Wealth Management)
  6. Wednesday, November 29th @6:00PM - Queens District Attorney’s Office (Law and Government)
  7. Wednesday, November 29thDecember 6th, and December 13th @4:30-6:00PM - Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (Law and Government)
  8. Wednesday, November 29th, and December 6th @4:30-6:00PM - Eastern Consolidated (Investment/Commercial Real Estate Development/Entrepreneurship/Capital Advisory)
  9. Wednesday, November 29th, and December 6th @4:30-6:00PM - Dewberry (Engineering)
  10. Wednesday, November 29th @4:30-5:30PM - Silvercup Studios (Theatre/Media/Production)
  11. Thursday, November 30th @4:00-6:00PM - Harlem Hospital (Healthcare)
  12. Thursday, November 30thDecember 7th, and 14th @4:30-6:00PM - Syska Hennessy (Engineering)
  13. Thursday, November 30th @4:30-5:30PM - Jamaica Hospital (Healthcare)
  14. Tuesday, December 5th, 12th, and 19th @4:30-6:00PM - Maimonides (Healthcare)
  15. Wednesday, December 6th, 13th, and 20th @4:30-6:00PM - Macquarie (Finance/Investment Banking)
  16. Tuesday, December 12th @4:15-6:00PM - Gina Gibney Dance (Dance/Performing Arts)
  17. Wednesday, December 13th @4:30-6:00PM - New York Prebysterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (Healthcare)
  18. Thursday, December 14th @4:30PM (Open House with more sessions to follow) - Mount Sinai Queens (Healthcare)
  19. Thursday, December 21st, and every 3rd Thursday each month through June @5:00-7:00PM - LaGuardia Airport (Aviation)


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Ms. Zagada

WBL Coordinator for C-Tech, CISCO Networking, Electrical Installation, Plumbing, & Pre-Engineering/Electronics 

Location: Rm. 449

Availability: Monday - Friday Periods 4, 6-8 


Voice: (718) 937-3010 ext. 4492 



Ms. Gross

WBL Coordinator for Business, Cosmetology, & Graphic Arts

Location: Rm. 212 

Voice: (718) 937-3010