• Free Driver's Education is back!

    SENIORS: Free Driver's Education is back at QV! Get your form outside room 449 to get started.  More details on the program are attached. 

    Work Based Learning
  • NY Explorers Program is BACK!

    More opportunities for you to explore your career pathways for free and while in high school! Go to the WBL page or click here for more information: QV Work-Based Learning Page

    Work Based Learning
  • ACE Mentor NY - Applications Now OPEN!

    ACE gives students a creative outlet to explore engineering, architecture, & construction careers – find out more!

    Work Based Learning
  • 9th, 10th, & 11th Grade C-Tech, CISCO, & Pre-Engineering Students

    NEW Work-Based Learning Opportunities for the Fall & Spring 2017-2018 semesters. Check out the WBL page for more details or see Ms. Zagada in room 449 pds. 4-8 for more info. 

    Work Based Learning
  • Graduates of QV!

    Check out the Alumni page for updated job opportunities from organizations/companies looking for workers.  Click here to access the QV Alumni page and spread the word!

  • Receive College Office Updates and Reminders by Text and the Remind App

    Class of 2018: Remind App code: a49dca  -or- TEXT @a49dca to 81010

    Class of 2019: Remind App code: 6c6f3a  -or- TEXT @6c6f3a to 81010

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The School of Entrepreneurial Studies will provide learners with academic knowledge and technical skills using an interdisciplinary approach. Students will demonstrate how acquired skills are applied in work-related situations at all levels. They will develop the knowledge necessary to demonstrate the integration and application of academic and occupational skills in their scholastic, work, and personal lives. In addition, they will use current technology and tools to acquire, organize, and communicate information effectively by thoroughly researching, interpreting, and analyzing new information. Students will demonstrate leadership skills by setting academic goals, monitoring progress, and continually improving performance. Furthermore, they will exhibit the interpersonal skills essential for success in the workplace by working as members of a team in all classes. Students will demonstrate professional, ethical, and legal conduct towards their communities by running and participating in work-based activities within the school and surrounding neighborhood.
The School of Entrepreneurial Studies at Queens Vocational & Technical High School will provide business, cosmetology, and graphic arts students with current technological and marketable skills. Students will acquire professional workplace ethics and actual work experience in order to meet and exceed all academic and industry standards. They will also develop the knowledge necessary to succeed in a dynamic global environment and further their education or training. Students will learn the skills necessary to become economically independent and responsible citizens.