• Free Driver's Education is back!

    SENIORS: Free Driver's Education is back at QV! Get your form outside room 449 to get started.  More details on the program are attached. 

    Work Based Learning
  • NY Explorers Program is BACK!

    More opportunities for you to explore your career pathways for free and while in high school! Go to the WBL page or click here for more information: QV Work-Based Learning Page

    Work Based Learning
  • ACE Mentor NY - Applications Now OPEN!

    ACE gives students a creative outlet to explore engineering, architecture, & construction careers – find out more!

    Work Based Learning
  • 9th, 10th, & 11th Grade C-Tech, CISCO, & Pre-Engineering Students

    NEW Work-Based Learning Opportunities for the Fall & Spring 2017-2018 semesters. Check out the WBL page for more details or see Ms. Zagada in room 449 pds. 4-8 for more info. 

    Work Based Learning
  • Graduates of QV!

    Check out the Alumni page for updated job opportunities from organizations/companies looking for workers.  Click here to access the QV Alumni page and spread the word!

  • Receive College Office Updates and Reminders by Text and the Remind App

    Class of 2018: Remind App code: a49dca  -or- TEXT @a49dca to 81010

    Class of 2019: Remind App code: 6c6f3a  -or- TEXT @6c6f3a to 81010

    College and Career Center


Telephone Extensions

Phone: 1-718-937-3010 • Fax (Main): 1-718-392-8397 • Fax (Guidance): 1-718-937-3055

A.P. Administration/Organization/Security Alikakos, George 1081
A.P. Business/Cosmetology/Graphic Arts; Dir.-School of Entrepreneurial Studies Garcia, Claudio 4011 
A.P. Data, Testing, and Compliance Martino Alves, Lisa 1014
A.P. Humanities/Spanish/ENL; Dir.-School of Exploration and Discovery Gallagher, Kevin 3554
A.P. Math and Science; Dir.-School of Computer and Electronic Engineering Technologies Gorman, William  4132
A.P. Pupil Personnel Svcs. (Secretary - ext. 1531)  Salas-Ocampo, Lisseth 1551
A.P. Trades, Technology, and Physical Education; Dir. - School of Skilled Building Trades Ali, Anthony 4492
A.P.'s Secretary (PPS)/Pupil Accounting Carfagno, Joan 1531
A.P.'s Secretary Carpino, Fatima Ruth 4113
A.P.'s Secretary (Organization/Security) Tsiolas, Maria 1044
Athletic Director (5481)/Gym Office/Weight Room (5483) Maloney, Richard (5481)/Phys. Ed. Staff 5481,-2 -3,-4,-5
Attendance Office, School Secretary Martinez, Jessica 0
Attendance Teacher Mohammed, Amin 1024
Cafeteria Cafeteria 2341
College Advisor Karabelas, Anna 1431
Conference Room – School of Exploration and Discovery Conference Room – SED 3551, 3552
Conference Room - School of Skilled Building Trades  Conference Rm. – SSBT 4491
Coordinator of Instructional Support Services Toliver, Jetaime 3121
Coordinator of Student Activities/Senior Class Advisor Vega, Robert 1434
Cosmetology Senior Clinic - Elite Beauty Salon Quartuccio, Heidi (Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) 3341, 3441
Custodial Engineer Jarrett-Holland, Marcia 1132
Dean’s Office – Garofano (5312), Mendez/Rodriguez (5311) Garofano, D. (5312)/Mendez, N. (5311)/Rodriguez, R. (5311) 5311/5312
Fireman – Boiler Room Fireman - Boiler Room 5009
Food Services Manager Choi, Cassie 2501/2503
Guidance Counselor (School of Entrepreneurial Studies) Bautista, Ydaline 1515
Guidance Counselor (School of Skilled Building Trades) Judge, Andrea 1512
Guidance Counselor (School of Exploration & Discovery/9th Grade) Vasquez, Caralyn 1511
Guidance Counselor (School of Computer & Electronic Engineering Technologies) Mualem, Karen 1514
IEP Teacher Sartori-Deutsch, Diana 3122
Lab Speclialist Rosenthal, Stuart 2051
Librarian Lewis, Suzanne 4551
Machinist/Storeroom Manager Hemlall, Anand 5007
Main Security Desk/School Safety Squad Room (2122) Level III - Security Desk (Main Entrance)/Squad Room (2122) 1000/2122
Nurse (2142)/School Health Aide (2143)/Emergency Room Rosario-Heber, Ida (2142)/Smithwick, Violet (2143) 2142/2143
Parent Association      Nicolovienis, Stella 2251
Parent Coordinator  Baez, Miriam 1026
Payroll Secretary Sinaly, Karen 1021
Principal Burg, Melissa 1064
Principal’s Secretary Dusha, Peggy 1062
Program Chairman  MacDonald, Eric 1011 
Program Office - Asst. Program Chair. (1013), School Aide (1012) Yanovsky, Nina (1013)/Vaskas, Janet (1012) 1013/1012
PSAL Coaches Ali; Boyle; Devaux; Garofano; Maloney; Poltawsky; Raushan; Yu; Zambrotta  5482, -3, -4, -5
SBST (School-Based Support Team) Stewart, Jacqueline (1493)/Williams, Karen (1491) 1491/1493
Science Prep Room Science Prep Room 2061
SkillsUSA Rivera, Josh 5567
SPARK Counselor Mieses, Denise 1513
Special Education Paraprofessional Staff Franco, Cristina 3124, 3125
Speech Teachers Irizarry, Amanda/Margulis, Lauren 3131
Staff Lunchroom Staff Lunchroom 2491
Staff Workroom Staff Workroom 1471
Sunnyside Community Services Effendy, Adela 2191
Supply Secretary Lehe, Patricia 1041
Tech Squad Zagada, Nicole 2171
Transition Team Leader Elbettah, Lynda 3123
Transportation Office/School Lunch Applications Pomara, Stella 2361
UFT Chapter Leader/Chapter Delegates Raynor, TJ (Chapter Leader)/Burkhart, Peter and Lupoli-Roberts, Kristin (Delegates) 2011/2012
Virtual Enterprise/Business Club Office Morgan Thomas, Nadine 4127
Work-Based Learning Coord.-SES/WBL Coord.-SCEET/SSBT Gross, M. (SES)/Zagada, N. (SCEET/SSBT) 2121/4492