School of Exploration and Discovery

Kevin Gallagher, Assistant Principal

Ms. Vasquez, Guidance Counselor

Mission Statement

The mission of the 9th grade School of Exploration and Discovery (SED) at Queens Technical High School is to prepare students for transition into selected 10th through 12th grade Career and Technical Education (CTE) Small Learning Communities. 

Our administration, faculty, staff, community-based organizations, partners, parents and students work collaboratively toward the education of the whole student in SED. Through standards-based academic and technical programs, advisory classes, career exploration and relevant school-to-work experiences, and personalized instruction, we increase the number of students that successfully achieve the appropriate number of credits to move into the 10th grade and into their chosen CTE majors.

Our program develops confident, productive, responsible and self-reliant young adults that are capable of succeeding in their CTE majors and in their pursuit of post-secondary degrees.